Design Plans for Building a Community Library

A community library is an incredible way to engage with your community! Simply put, a community library is box in a public space where people can give books they are no longer using and take books to read other people have donated. In this instruction, you will be guided through how to construct your own community library! As an extra challenge, how might you utilize “found” or scrap materials to build your library? All of the materials used in this library would have been waste and delivered to a landfill. Even the… Read More

Build It! Wood Kid’s Dump Truck Toy

This incredibly simple, educational, and interactive toy teaches kids how to handle and use tools while building! Developmentally, this is also a very useful toy, as the child is able to practice dexterity and positioning of different shaped objects (pick and place skills). Centered around a colorful dump truck, the child will place the bed, cab, and wheels over the threaded inserts and use the provided drill to secure each piece in place with screws. It is important to me as a maker and a father that my daughter understand how to… Read More

Transform a Nerf Gun into Not-A-Flamethrower for <$70!

Seeing as how Elon Musk’s “Not A Flamethrower” fundraiser for the Boring Company was 1. Extremely overpriced and 2. Sold out almost instantaneously. Still want to get your hands on one? You can head to ebay and pick one up for $500 – $2,000 OR you can get creative and build one for ~$70. The below build is how I made my (semi) safe flamethrower. It is essentially a propane weed torch stuck inside a Nerf gun. Note: All actions and building is at your own risk. This is NOT a weapon,… Read More

3D Printed Business Card Holder & 3D Printer Recommendation

I do a lot of work in innovation, creative problem solving, Lean Six Sigma, and guiding others toward achieving unique solutions to their challenges. I also enjoy 3D printing – this quite utilitarian hobby enables the quick repair and acquisition of many of life’s needed widgets! Need a bracket to hold two tables together? Print it! Plastic knob break off your lawnmower? Print it! Want a completely custom business card holder with a jet engine’s fan on the front to advertise your brand? Well, that’s what we’re for. Pictured here are two… Read More

The Best DIY Rolling Handy-Bucket

So my wife, kid, and I enjoy taking our dogs on walks, and after one afternoon volunteering to pick up trash with a local group I had an idea… The idea was simple, when we take family walks, lets pick up trash! My morality was raised and the 3 year-old loved it. This project was born from my lack of desire to hold the trash once it was picked up, and it continued to evolve. One of the additional features added was the ability to connect a plastic store bag to pick… Read More

Wood Turned Safety Razor Stand

There are numerous benefits from shaving with a safety razor and strikes a great balance between low cost, convenience, and high shave quality. They also make a very handsome addition to any bathroom. This project cost me $0.00 to complete! All the materials were sourced from either a scrap bin or the yard! Note: Linked products are recommendations based on what I’ve found most effective and affordable. Affiliate information at page end. Additional benefits of a safety razor include, Easy technique to learn Takes less time than a straight razor, while providing… Read More

Leg Mounted Personal Air Conditioner

During the wedding of a good friend, I noticed his new bride was in tears due being too hot in her wedding dress. I felt terrible and didn’t want my wife to experience the same issues, so I got to work designing some sort of system to keep her cool during our wedding (which was in August!). This simple project is effective, cheap, and doesn’t require any fancy electrical engineering or soldering skills! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. For commercial reuse or inquiries, contact…. Read More